2019 First Responder Survey

Every year, we ask our first responders to participate in a survey. These are important because it helps us get better insight into areas that we can work on that are important to you. Many of these questions are specific - and that is because these are issues that we have encountered over the past four years of operation. Collecting data to put behind our mission is important, and we need your help.

This year’s survey is longer than earlier ones, but we are looking for some specific information to develop new programs and partnerships that are effective.

Any submissions on the survey are completely anonymous. Any personal information collected for the purpose of validating the survey stays within the profile and is not reported.

We appreciate your honesty and the time you give to help us with this. Let’s make things better for us all!

Our thanks to QuestionPro for graciously donating the use of their world-class survey system for our cause!

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