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  Olight flashlights and headlamps

Olight flashlights and headlamps

  MyID Medical ID Products - Use code UNIFORMEDHELP

MyID Medical ID Products - Use code UNIFORMEDHELP

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M2R Warrior
Olight S10R
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Never fear the dark again


MyID Sport Series

The Sport series gives you the new generation of medical ID's perfect for active lives while providing style. Covered by a lifetime warrantee from defects, they are also great for kids!

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Small but Mighty

Don't let the size fool you, these lights by Olight pack a punch! Rechargeable and easy to carry, they are covered by the same quality guarantee as all other Olight products. Yes, this includes the accessories!

MyID Hive Series

The new generation of medical and emergency ID's combined with comfort and style. Covered by a lifetime warrantee from defects and no subscription charges.

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Specialty Lights

Olight never disappoints. Weapon lights for Law Enforcement, solutions for tight spaces, or trying to convince your neighbor they are about to be abducted by a UFO. We've got that.

Contact Information:

Uniformed Services Peer Council, Inc.

PO Box 591

Jewett City, CT 06351


Phone: 860-213-3077