Peer Councils

No RSVP or notification is required to attend any of these meetings or events.  These resources are free to use and are strictly confidential.  These are open to first responders, veterans, and families or loved ones only - there is no general public attendance without prior authorization.  If you have questions, please contact us.

Norwich, CT

Providers in mental health and addiction are present for meetings and you may set up appointments as needed.  This group is based in education, discussion, and networking.  You may remain anonymous if you choose and participation is not required.  If you just want to sit and listen that is welcome.  There is no obligation in any way and we do not communicate with employers, coworkers, or anyone else without expressed consent.

The most current information can be found on our Facebook page.

New Beginnings behavioral health

283 West Town Street - Norwich, CT 06351

Meets the THIRD MONDAY of each month at 1800.




uspc walking group

This group is peer-oriented and is centered around exercise and fitness.  This is a "walk and talk" experience.  Providers are not typically available for these events but can be arranged if needed or requested.  Confidentiality still applies to these groups.

Meeting times and locations are updated on our Facebook page.

Other Resources (Non-affiliated)

first responders mindfulness group

This group is centered around Mindfulness Meditation and is run by first responders.

Meets every THIRD TUESDAY of the month at 18:30

38 Main Street, Manchester, CT

cape and islands usp peer support group

Located in the Cape Cod area, please contact for information on attending this group the FIRST and THIRD Wednesday of each month.

Lou - 508-970-9694

Joel - 508-474-3345