MyID Sleek


MyID Sleek

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The MyID Sleek is made from medical grade silicone and durable anodized aluminum and is adjustable.

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MyID is a unique emergency ID device that allows first responders and other emergency workers to quickly, safely, and securely identity someone in an emergency situation.  They can scan the unique code on your MyID and access the profile which contains Identification, medical information, and emergency contacts. Emergency workers can gain access by smartphone, the internet, or a 24-hour call center. You would treat this just like your drivers license or insurance card - only allow access to the right people. There is no subscription (unless you purchase an upgrade package). They are waterproof, comfortable, and come with a lifetime guarantee.  It can be deactivated if lost or stolen by logging into your free account or utilizing the call center.  All access is logged by MyID for security purposes.

This can be set up by the free smartphone app, any device with internet access, or by calling the number.  No subscription is required unless you choose to upgrade.

MyID can store the following for access in an emergency situation (all are optional):

    •    Unlimited medical conditions
    •    Personal information (Name, Phone, Birth Date, Gender, Hair Color, Eye Color, Height, Weight, Blood Type, Organ Donor)
    •    Identification picture
    •    Address
    •    Multiple emergency contacts
    •    Allergies
    •    Medications
    •    Physicians
    •    Insurance information