Beth is a retired nurse from Georgia who is also an advocate for people living with rare diseases. Being a healthcare professional, an advocate for a marginalized population like our first responders with mental health needs, and living with a rare disease that also impacts the founder of USPC, we took up the cause to help. Like so many that come to our organization, they are left with no other options and no others come to their aid.


Speaking For Others.

Beth shares her personal journey as an empowered nurse and patient to make a difference through starting a positive avalanche for those with rare diseases and unmet needs. Now we ask you for generosity in meeting her needs. We are raising funds to help replace her medical equipment as insurance will not cover the cost.

USPC is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contributions to this cause are tax deductible. donations will be used to replace vital medical equipment that was stolen.

July 20, 2019, her truck was stolen from Southside Medical Center Atlanta, GA between 9 am and 11 am. It had been upgraded over the last few years to support her medical needs and enable her to be mobile. When her truck was stolen, a majority of her medical equipment was in the truck.


A Retired Nurse And Advocate.

Beth lives with a rare disease called Syringomyelia and several complex medical conditions including heart failure, autonomic dysfunction, and pulmonary hypertension which significantly limits her mobility without specialized medical equipment.

Accessibility means so much when you have complex medical needs. Beth wears oxygen and her truck had several additional outlets to keep various medical equipment charged while traveling. It was equipped with a special rear view mirror that did not require her to turn her head either way (since she cannot due to abnormalities in her spine) to prevent dizziness, a GPS programmed with all her medical information and emergency contacts, extended hand grips (inside) and step on both sides to help her get her into the truck when her legs get heavy and numb, and a special bed to lie down when traveling to and from the hospital to decrease edema to her legs and reduce risk of blood clots. The truck also held a portable wheelchair, medical orthopedic cushions, and a ramp that accommodated a power chair from PRIDE mobility with special attachment to the back of the truck.


Family Is Everything

Beth’s husband and children lovingly help care for her. With important equipment now stolen, this has become difficult.


The Stolen Truck

The truck is a 2005 Ford F-250, burgundy in color with a cap and attached trailer taken from Atlanta, Georgia.

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