Emotional Trauma Life Support

Emotional Trauma Life Support, or ETLS, is a two day, 16-hour training course covering both responders and those they serve. It's unique two-pronged approach teaches understanding, helping, and preventing responder emotional trauma as well as trains responders in helping the emotionally traumatized patient during death-related calls. ETLS is solidly evidence and research-based, and set in a foundation of both psychological principles and real-world first responder experience. It's uniquely intuitive approach seamlessly integrates into existing curriculum at all levels of training, both initial and continuing.  It consists of four modules that will be taught over the course of two days.  These classes do not appear frequently, so we have seized the opportunity to be able to provide this. 

Additional information about the class and educational content can be found on their website.

Special rates and alternative payment options are available, but you must contact us in advance to set this up.

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