EMS Confessions 

#EMSCONFESSIONS is a social media campaign that started in 2018 at the recommendation of our followers. The idea is to provide an anonymous outlet for EMS professionals to discuss issues that affect us which generally not discussed openly or by the industry.

Through this campaign, dozen of people have reached out looking for help after reading these short stories or confessions. The reality remains that many of us do not feel comfortable reaching out for help, so by sharing these, others do not feel so isolated or alone and get the help they need.

Submissions are completely anonymous - the email field is for validation only and is not reported to the database that we use to collect the stories. Using this helps eliminate spam bots among other annoyances that come with online submission. Submissions are randomly chosen using a script that selects from what is submitted.

You can submit your confession or story below or on our home page. Please do not use this form to attempt to contact us or looking for information - we will have no way to get in contact with you.

Since the start of this campaign, over 800 submissions have been sent in and 31 people have sought help directly from #EMSCONFESSIONS


Note: Instagram removed the API that allows us to filter just #EMSCONFESSIONS, you may need to click through images to see just the confessions. we are working on another way to do that until they enable that feature again.


This campaign is made possible through your generous donations. Please consider helping us cover the cost of keeping this going and having the ability to help others. Donations are tax deductible.

Submit a short story or confession. Specific information will be omitted or generalized to keep you anonymous.