Supporting one of our own.

Chris is a career Paramedic in eastern Connecticut for the last 12 years and a long-time member of the Yantic Fire Engine Company. In early February, 2019, he started with what was initially considered the flu. As the week went on, it became clear that it was much more. He went into the hospital where his condition worsened, eventually being admitted to the ICU for respiratory failure and pneumonia.

Because of the severity of his condition, he remains admitted to the hospital and may be there for some time. Despite the incredible care he is getting, there has been little improvement It seems likely that he will be out of work for an extended period of time as well and will have exhausted what personal leave time he has. He has many unknowns at the moment, and it is our intention to take care of him in any way we can.

This page serves as a fundraiser to assist with medical and living expenses. In addition to fundraising here and on Facebook, we have also decided that all of the sales from our store will go to his cause. Even if you can’t donate or pick something up from the store, sharing the link can also help!

We will update this page as we hear more - Updates will appear at the bottom of this page.


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February 14, 2019

Everyone’s support has been amazing! Chris asked us to relay his appreciation to all of you as he continues pushing through. He is in good spirits and we are all so happy by the positive responses.

We were able to collect enough donations so far to cover his rent and utilities for the month. Taking that out of the equation is a big stress reliever to put it lightly. He continues to stay in the ICU and unfortunately, has not been able to maintain his numbers being off positive pressure systems (CPAP). He is in for another series of tests and it appears he will remain admitted for some time.

If you would like to pass on a personal message or arrange a gift to be sent to him, please get in touch!

We would also like to acknowledge American Ambulance in Norwich for a generous contribution from the “jeans fund” we received for Chris. This is an employee-sponsored fund reserved for when one of their own needs some help.